DIY Bait

  • In order to help those rolling there own at home we have made our base mixes available.

    These are the exact mixes used in our boilie range and are only available from us.

    Note: typically 5 kilo of dry mix when bulked out with eggs and liquid food will produce approximately 7 kilo of paste / boilies.

    Liquid food:

    We also sell liquid food to go with our base mixes. These comprise of oils, liquids, essential oils and flavours to complement the base mixes. These are sold in 500ml bottles that will be sufficient to go with 5 kilo of base mix.


    To complement our base mixes we are also making available the range of flavours made for us that we either use or found to be popular with other anglers.
    If something is not on the list that you require please contact us.

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