Pole Markers

Pole markers are used to mark you’re baited spot making it easier to find the spot time and time again. The poles are screwed together to give the desired length and anchored formally into place with a lead. Once in place the pole marker sits about 40cm above the surface with a brightly colour banded marker heads with a lighted tip. The poles are especially designed to prevent your line getting stuck and tangled on the pole or lead.

These marker poles make rebaiting at night by boat very easy. There is a saftey aspect to consider when baiting at night by boat, these poles overcome that because you are actually rowing to a light in your swim. Position a torch back by your rods for your return and the whole operation becomes extremley easy and much safer. Much better than trying to find unlit markers in the dark!!

We carry two types of top quality marker heads in seven colours:

Automatic: this version is light sensitive with the light going on when it gets dark and turning off automatically when it gets light.

Remote control: this version operates by use of a remote controlled on / off switch, very suitable for long distance usage.

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Pole Markers

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