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As you can see from its ingredient profile DP1 is a very high quality bait. We have included fresh pineapple flavour, n butryc acid, yeasts and liver extract which are all proven winter carp attractors to make this bait our first dedicated cold water bait. Having said that it works just as well all year round!!

A strange quirk with DP1 is the incredible amount of commons that it produces both here and in France. We are assuming that this is down to the high levels of yeast that the bait contains. I remember using yeast based baits back in the 1970s that produced commons and I personally caught a lot of commons using baits with CSL and molasses added to them in the 1980s. So by looking back over a long period of time it certainly seems that commons are attracted to yeast type products. Our yeast powder complex contains high nucleotide yeast, cell walls, brewers yeast etc. This product is produced on our premises from yeasts supplied to us by a major yeast supplier to the animal trade. These yeasts are specifically made to induce animals to feed, to add taste and to increase biological value to feeds. They have been thoroughly tested on fish and have EU certification.

So if you are looking for a bait specifically designed for cold water fishing, or if your water contains a lot of commons then DP1 is the bait to use.

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  • Rennet casein
  • Calcium caseinate
  • Calf gold
  • Sweet milk powder
  • Crushed tiger nuts
  • Roasted peanut meal (human food grade)
  • Sluis CLO (GENUINE)
  • Insect meal
  • Liver extract 100% water soluble
  • DMPT
  • Creatine ethel ester hcl
  • N Butryc acid
  • Fresh Pineapple flavour
  • Our own exclusive Yeast powder complex (4 different yeasts)
  • Enzyme active liquid yeast

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