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Original Nut Mix

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As we know carp love tiger nuts and peanuts so it makes sense to incorporate them into a boilie. Another important point is carp can become pre occupied on these two nuts if they are used in their nut form as a particle bait, both do not contain enough nutrients for a carp to survive on so it can be dangerous to introduce peanuts and tigers into a water in large amounts. To address this problem it is much better to incorporate them into a boilie then add milk proteins to dramitically increase the biological value of the bait making it an excellent food source for the carp.

Tiger nuts and peanuts can be problematic as raw ingredients with regards to shelf life. Tigers are fine when stored as a dry nut but can rapidly deteriorate when crushed down into a meal. To address this we buy our tigers from a health food supplier then get them crushed under pressure for us in small batches. Pressure crushing releases all of the liquids that the nut contains and certainly produces a different product to normal chopping or grinding. Our roasted peanut meal is obtained from a company which supplies nut products into the human food chain. It comes with spec sheets, batch numbers and a date stamp. So you can see we have gone a long way to ensure these two problematic products are as fresh as possible and pose no problems for the carp whatsoever

Unlike other nut mix baits ours is quite soft. It is specifically made like this for quick breakdown on the lake bed therefore releasing its complex attractors quickly. If you fancy a change from fishmeals then give this bait a try. It works instantly and is an excellent food source for carp.

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  • Rennet casein
  • Calcium caseinate
  • Fresh crushed tiger nuts
  • Roasted peanut meal (human grade)
  • Maize protein
  • Calf gold milk powder
  • Milkylac
  • Lactose
  • Enzyme active yeast liquid
  • Tiger nut juice
  • English toffee flavour

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