Here is a little information on using and getting the best from our freezer baits.

All of the baits in our range are very high quality freezer baits. We do not sell any shelf life baits at all with the exception of our Fenspice fluros. In our opinion preservatives have no place in carp baits, I personally feel preservatives change the taste and quality of the foods that we eat so we will not use them in our bait range. All of our baits are designed, tested and rolled by us on our premises. We do not use or obtain any bait from any other companies, in other words we do not bulk buy boilies from other bait companies and sell them on!! In fact apart from the products that we sell from FeedStimulants none of our ingredients or liquids are obtained from the bait industry. We buy them either from companies that supply the human or animal food chains. We obtain spec sheets with each order that we receive, these give a breakdown of what is contained in the product plus a use by date which is very important to us. We have 100% control over the quality of our products and can answer any questions that you may have about them.

All of our baits are designed and tested to work all year round in any conditions. We cannot see any reason to swap your bait just because the water is getting cold!! If you need to swap bait then there is something wrong with the bait you are using. Our Fenspice has a total of 17 ingredients and liquids, Ultra Nut Mix has 14. These baits have been put together to provide the carp with all the nutrients it needs and to produce the ultimate amount of underwater attraction whatever the water temperature. We also tell you what ingredients are contained in each bait. We have provided this information since the day Custom Bait Services was formed. How many other bait firms can claim that and how many other bait firms include this amount of ingredients in their baits? Our freezer baits are made to benefit the fish and help you the angler to catch more. Used correctly they become part of the lakes food chain.

Our baits work instantly so there is no need for pre baiting with them. I am often asked what to do if a lake is being fished by bait teams who are using the same bait. My answer is not to worry, carp will always recognise a good food source so just get one of our baits in the right place and you will catch. If you start your fishing early in the year which a lot seem to do these days then I would just start introducing small amounts of bait into either likely looking spots or known feeding spots then increase baiting levels as the year progresses. We know using a lot of bait is expensive but on a personal level I think bait is the most important part of fishing, not rods, reels and bivvies like some seem to think. If you use our baits you can easily create you own feeding areas, this is how I fish myself. Just keep the bait going in on the same spots for a few weeks and it will start producing. It is important to bait 2 or 3 times a week to get the best from this type of fishing, this keeps the fish visiting the spots looking for food. So buy bait not new rods, bait will catch you fish, rods wont!!

Another problem anglers seem to struggle with is air drying bait. If you read up on it mould is caused my moisture, therefore to produce a mould free bait all of the moisture needs to be driven from the bait using air circulation. I would say air dry bags are no good for air drying as they do not allow proper air circulation. Myself I use buckets, use the ones that base mixes are supplied in and put no more than 5 kilos of boilies in each one. Keep turning the baits each day and keep the lid off to allow air circulation. It is very important to turn the baits as mould can form on the touching edges. So a step by step guide to air drying is to take 5 kilos from the freezer, spread them on one of the cardboard vegetable trays that you can get free from supermarkets (this dry's the baits out) then when they are thawed and dry put them in your bucket and keep turning them. After 5 days you will have a hard bait that is air dried and will not go mouldy. Other ways to air dry is to add a few handfuls of pellets to the drying boilies. This draws out moisture quicker and gives you the edge of pellets smelling the same as your boilies. Another way which is my favourite is to put 25mm of sea salt in the botton of a bucket, slowly introduce 5 kilos of frozen boilies into the bucket then turn them so they are all covered in the salt. This produces boilies that have a good salt content which increases taste and attraction and you have the salt acting as a natural preservative as well. This is a top method for fishing in France. For normal 48 hour sessions all of our baits are fine to use without air drying. This information is only for French trips or longer sessions. Air circulation and keeping them moving is the key to successful air drying.

Another question I am often asked is what bait to take for that all important trip to France? Our recommendation is either Red Baron or Fenspice. Both of these baits work brilliantly in France, lots of anglers take them over and we supply French fisheries with them as well. As mentioned before they work instantly, they air dry very well and they catch lots of fish. DP1 is another bait from our range that anglers are starting to take to France as well. It is our newest bait but is producing well over there already.

If you need any more information about our baits then do not hesitate to contact us